It’s official, Fake Tanning is back on the beauty hot list!

It’s official, Fake Tanning is back on the beauty hot list! 
With recent statistics revealing an 80% rise in the use of self tan products by none other than Selfridges, it is now one of the best ways to sport that all year round healthy glow and bronzed look.
Tanning has become like a fashion accessory so say some of the leading fashion editors who style some of LA’s most perfectly tanned celebs. From photo shoots to runway shows and red carpet events, fake tans are now worn as proudly as any designer label.(Grazia April 2010). But you do not have to be an LA A lister to sport a beautiful bronzed look at any time you feel like it!
Even better you don’t even need to leave your home. We bring everything to you.  Using 2 of the best professional brands on the market, you are tanned in the comfort of your own home, where you receive your treatment in a pop up cubicle. You are then free to relax without dashing outdoors (should you wish) while your tan develops.

There’s no need to feel shy, as you can decide on how much or how little to wear.

Your look will be instant and bronzed, and of course you will be advised on how to maintain your healthy tanned look, with products to purchase should you wish.

Clients includes, lots of fantastic ladies, business owners, people in the film industry and the odd footballers wife.

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