NEW SHADES of Tanning

the ethereal look

The new buzz words of this season is ‘complexion tanning’… it’s no longer just about creating that brazilian bronze look (although that is still fine for all you darker tan addicts).  Now, according to London Fashion Week and ST Tropez, it is all about enhancing your skin tone by a shade or two to give it an ethereal glow. So with Autumn/Winter 2011 on our doorstep and harsher light to deal with, a more natural colour toned skin is what will separate the sophisticated from the Essex….(no offence Essex).

A few products on the market to try are :-

St Tropez Naturals Self Tan Lotion £26.55 – A nourishing lotion that melts into the skin to give a radiant glow.  FOR BEST RESULTS – Massage into the skin from top to toe ensuring all areas are covered. Wait for lotion to absorb before getting dressed.  Wash palms after use.  For a more enhanced look apply 2-3 times a week.

He-Shi Quick + Easy Dark Foaming Mousse £27 – This formula dries quickly and gives a deep but still natural tan.  While the product is labelled ‘dark’ it flatters all skintones.  This product can be used both on the face and the body and tans instantly on contact with the skin giving a lovely bronzed complexion.  Apply with self tan mitt for streak free results.

Sunjunkie Weekend Warrior  £10 – Colour without the commitment. An instant wash off tan developed by tan professionals Sunjunkie.  A leader in self tanning products in Europe, Weekend Warrior is easy to apply delivering immediate results.  Layer product for a deeper colour. Use with a self tan application mitt for streak free results.  As always exfoliate skin before use for perfect results.

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