Make-up and Tanning

Tanning and Make-up are a serious duo.  Why?

Tanning provides a different canvas for which to apply your colours and your make-up.  Get it wrong and your image can look dated.

Matching your make up to your tanned skin is essential to looking fresh, modern and youthful.

The key is to remember that your skin, once tanned will be darker than your natural colouring, so using your normal shade of foundation just won’t work !  If you tan regularly it might be well worth investing in a tinted moisturiser (summer) or foundation (autumn/winter) that suits your bronzed skin.

Alway remember too – that less is more, as spray tans reduce the appearance of marks and blemishes and give your skin a more even finish.  This is your chance to let your natural beauty shine through !!

Enhance the look with a deeper blusher or bronzer as anything too light will be too soft against your tan.  Opt for a sheer gloss that enhances the existing tones in your lips.

Looking healthy, fit and radiant might just give you the confidence boost you need to ditch your cosmetic essentials and embrace the beauty of your natural features.

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