21 tips to perfect your tan

You may think you know all there is to know about self tanning…however we sometimes over look the small details that can make a big difference to the results of perfecting that great fake tan….see if there is anything here you have forgotten or simply didn’t realise…..

1. First of all keep your self tan in the fridge, as they contain botanicals and go off easily.

2. Avoid using soaps or shower gels to wash off your colour guide as these can lift and strip the tan.

3. Always exfoliate the skin before tanning, try using a pumice stone on your knees, ankles and elbows and the joint between the foot and the leg to really remove dry skin. Then moisturise these areas as much as you can.  These are the most troublesome areas when it comes to applying self tan.

4. Take care what products you use when it comes to tanning, using ones that are specifically designed for when you are tanning help achieve the best outcome. ie Sienna x have a fantastic retail range to help get your skin prepped and primed for optimum tanning results. Some everyday products may not react well with the tanning ingredients.

5. Try and avoid cheap supermarket/store tans as they don’t contain premium skin caring compounds, so your tan can end up looking orange.

6. 2 lights coats of self tan will give better results than 1 thick one.  Don’t apply too much product.

7. Apply moisturiser to knees, ankles and elbows before applying product, these areas are prone to dryness and patchiness.

8. Always use a moisturiser designed for use with fake tan, as some lotions can contain oils that can effect the final outcome.

9. Tanning the hands, use the residue that is left on the gloves or mitt (make sure hands are well moisturised) and make a claw like shape so you can massage into the lines at your knuckles (so they don’t remain white). Remove one glove at a time to do the hands, using the residue off each one on the opposite hand.

10. Vitiligo sufferers find that fake tans mask their condition really well.

11. Use gradual tanning lotions to extend your tan further. Do not overuse though as you will get product build up.

12. Hair removal cream will remove fake tan off palms of hands and if you are ready to get rid of any hairs and old tan on the legs.

13. It’s a good idea to dilute self tan with moisturiser to use around tricky areas such as hands, feet, knees and elbows. These areas less is definitely more.

14. Make sure you use good lighting, what looks good in shadowy light, may look uneven in the daylight.

15. If you don’t like the sticky feeling after, apply baby powder with a body powder puff 30 mins to 1 hour after applying the fake tan. It won’t effect the result as your tan will have dried and started to work.

16. If you are waiting for your tan to dry, especially a spray tan, try standing and doing some ironing in what you have been sprayed in. This way you avoid clothing or furniture friction while the tan sinks in, and you get some chores done to boot !

17. Never ever rush your tanning, dedicate time and effort to doing it just right. Most tans that streak are because they haven’t been applied with care and the skin not prepared correctly. Unless of course you have bought a really cheap one !

18. Stay indoors if possible while a tan develops, natural sunlight can sometimes streak a tan before it has developed.

19. For the perfect tan, exfoliate and moisuturise daily for 1 week before application.

20. Make sure your skin is PH balanced before tanning. Applying fake tan to alkaline surfaces creates a tango look. If you have showered using alkaline soap, wait 30 mins before applying to allow your skin to return to a normal ph level. Sienna x have created a superb face and body wash that preps your skin before and after tanning. So gentle it doesn’t disturb the skins ph levels and won’t strip your tan when showering off.

21. Finally, always buy the best fake tan you can afford, as the cheaper ones contain very little DHA (the tanning ingredient) the results will be poor and not last very long!

So there we have it… 21 top tips for you to take note of, I hope they have provided you with some inspiration to getting bronzed and glowing this summer.  HAPPY TANNING 🙂

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