Speckled Egg Shell Nails from Illamasqua

Ok so Easter has gone, but I couldn’t help do a small visual blog based on the cover of the new Scratch magazine that landed on my doorstep this morning. From the brand Illamasqua comes the nail varnish that makes you think of Cadburys Mini Eggs. In pretty pastel shades with names such as Freckle, Fragile and Scarce these little varnishes give your nails a cool quirky look, but be careful they may make you feel hungry….
Beautysets - Speckled Eggshell Nails

6 thoughts on “Speckled Egg Shell Nails from Illamasqua

      • Hi there Vancouver in Heels, I have just checked your blog and was intrigued to see your Illamasque speckled nail review, very informative indeed and of course it is always great to see how these products work for real in the real world. I think these varnishes would look better with a matt finish to give them a chalky effect or maybe not lol – although it might be worth a try. I will take a look at your other review on Dior Nail Glow. Shall be taking a look at your updates as they come in. 🙂

      • Thank you for the advice! Maybe I’ll try it with a matte top coat. This was just my experience, it didn’t wear well for me. Maybe you’ll have better luck? 🙂

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