Is Spray Tanning Fashionable Right Now?

Spray tanning is now at the forefront of the beauty industry.  Long gone are the days when it was all about cheap ingredients that created that 80’s orange glow.Todays solutions are packed full of high-tech, sophisticated components that not only tan the skin but enhance it to create a plumped up, glowing, soft, smooth finish.

What does Spray Tanning Involve?

For your spray tan, you will be required to stand in the pop up booth, wearing as little or as much as you wish. My clients all feel much better having this treatment in the privacy of their own homes.  You will then be sprayed with a light mist using the latest HVLP technology for spray tanning to create a soft golden brown colour.  A full body takes around 10-15 minutes.

How long does it last ?

Your tan will last approximately 4-7 days, maybe even longer.  This varies from person to person dependant on how well the skin is exfoliated beforehand and how the tan is maintained afterwards. Moisturisation is key, as this will enable the tan to stay even and fade more naturally.

Are there any products I should use ?

I do believe that to get the best results for a flawless finish that you use products designed for tanning.  Sienna x have one of the best ranges. For example ordinary shower gels can strip the tan colour quicker and cause the skin to dry out.  Also some exfoliators may leave a residue on the skin (especially ones containing oils) that may inhibit the tan from developing properly. I can advise on the products that will properly prepare and protect your tan and provide optimum results.  You can keep your basics for when you are not tanning, and have your special ones for when you do.

What’s your favourite tan of the moment ?

I have to say, I have 2 favourites, Celebrity Secrets and Sienna X   Both go on beautifully giving you that just ‘stepped of the beach’ skin, leaving your skin plumped up and glowing !



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