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Loved by ‘Red’ magazine….

Ok, Sienna x have now introduced a brand new product to their fantastic professional retail range. Welcome the ‘Instant Bronzing Gel’..for all you ladies (and some men who aren’t ashamed to give themselves a dash of colour) this is a glorious and luxurious tanning product giving you the flexibility to tan just when you need to if you’re in a hurry. It blends easily into a flawless tan and is also the perfect partner for those already sporting a base tan (natural or otherwise) as it will deepen or enhance existing colour.

It contains moisturising and skin conditioning ingredients. Infused with sweet orange and patchouli and fragranced with pomegranate and vanilla orchid you will smell as good as you look ! Can be washed off using water.

Instant Bronzing Gel  – £12.95 (200ml) in stock

to order find me at


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