If LOOKS could Kill….?



For a long time – since the dawn of make up (possibly), Lip gloss and Lipstick have been the staple item in our make-up bags and hang bags. Carried around 24/7 for the those quick fix top ups, when we need to perk up our flagging faces and create some much needed glamour. So it was with alarmed concern, when I came across a news article  talking about the dangers of the chemicals used in these products and possible links to stomach cancer.

Apparently, worrying levels of toxic metals linked to stomach cancer and nerve damage have been found in lipsticks and lip gloss. Chromium, lead, cadmium, aluminium and five other metals were discovered in tests on 32 brands in the US.

The levels of lead, were found to be safe, but researchers have expressed concern for young children who sometimes play with ‘mums’ make-up.

However the levels of cadmium, chromium and lead have been deemed unacceptable by the European Union who feel these ingredients are risky at best in any quantity when used in cosmetic products.

Before you all go and bin your lipsticks and lip glosses, study leader Katharine Hammond, professor of environmental health sciences at the University of California, says ‘ Just finding these metals isn’t the issue; it’s the levels that matter. Some of the toxic metals are  occurring at levels that could possibly have an effect in the long term’.

Lipstick and lip gloss are the main items of worry because they can be ingested or absorbed by the wearer.

On average, lipstick users were said to ingest up to 24mg each day – but those who regularly reapply could be ingesting up to 87mg.

Based upon these findings, it has been established that a larger, more thorough survey of lipstick and cosmetics in general is warranted. The findings on this issue were published online in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

So a final thought… It might well be worth investigating what actually goes into the products/brands you buy – lipstick or otherwise.


Who wants big lashes

Spring is here..ah the warmer breeze and the longer evenings…yes that warm sunny feeling is coming back !
Ok so back to beauty reality, with the summer heading in our direction our lashes have taken a battering over the winter months. So what better way to get all flirty and fun by some gentle enhancement without buckets of mascara….
Marie Claire this month have a page dedicated to these high tech lash serums, which is why I have put together a quick post on the subject, I myself shall be having a dabble, as my lashes definitely need some helpful enhancement !
Beautysets - who wants big lashes

Step by Step Smokey Eyes

Oh alright, I know it’s Spring 2013 but this look for the eyes is something we all like to create all year round, and once again this simple guide will help improve your make up skills. Smokey eyes always create a sexy dynamic look, and the visual you see here seems to be created with a more ‘cake’ like eyeliner or shadow that is then blended to soften the look.
Again this tutorial is from missnattysbeautydiary.com

Perfect your eyeliner…

As a user of Beautysets.com where I design pages to promote tanning and beauty products, I always check out other bloggers and designers who use this site. And it has to be said, there are some really great inspiring sets (‘set’ used to describe your page design). It is a great and easy web tool for all creative types who love all things fashion and beauty. So hence, from time to time I will share some sets that I believe will be of interest and value to you – YOU (of course) being the beauty addicts and those who are just looking for tips to help achieve better make up results!
The one below perfectly illustrates how to perfect winged eyeliner, something I always struggle with (left eye never matches the right, if you know what I mean). So hey lets stop making a mess with our pencils and perfect our lining skills – see below. Courtesy of nattyngeorge.
Beautysets - Perfect Winged Eyeliner Every Time!

Speckled Egg Shell Nails from Illamasqua

Ok so Easter has gone, but I couldn’t help do a small visual blog based on the cover of the new Scratch magazine that landed on my doorstep this morning. From the brand Illamasqua comes the nail varnish that makes you think of Cadburys Mini Eggs. In pretty pastel shades with names such as Freckle, Fragile and Scarce these little varnishes give your nails a cool quirky look, but be careful they may make you feel hungry….
Beautysets - Speckled Eggshell Nails

Kardashian self tanning range

Organic Tanning with British Brand Fresh Indulgence

Ok so it’s EASTER ! and hopefully it will soon start to feel like Spring.. so inbetween buying and chow downing easter eggs (yumyum), how about some other indulgence that will make you feel fabulous! This is a time to be looking at and supporting products that are made here in good old blighty!  Ok, so we are not big on being able to grab the natural rays of the sun, so faking it has become a multi-million pound business, with sales of self tan at around the £41 million pound mark in the UK alone. So along with the safety of faking it, how about using products that are free from ugly chemicals such as parabens and sulphates!!????